Puerto Galera

The best ways to get to and from Puerto Galera.

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Manila to Puerto Galera & Back

Standard Bus

Getting around by bus is one of the easiest and cheapest means of trasportation anywhere you want to go. 

Point to Point

Point to Point busses like Genesis is a great way to add speed and comfort to your bus journey.


Have more money than time? Hop on a plane and get to where you're going in no time. It's cheaper than you think. 

Private Services

There are several local private transportation services available in just about any city in the Philippines. 

Taxi, Car, Grab

Taxies and cars are quick and comfortable. But you should know your options before spending too much.


Things are changing all the time. Watch this space for new ways to get around in the Philippines. 


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Puerto Galera: Breathtaking, Exciting, Fantastic!

The first view of the island from the ferry is quite breathtaking. As you approach the island, it looks as though the ferry is heading straight for it, but the closer you get, the Manila Channel becomes visible. The two islands are so close to each other that you feel as though you could touch both when passing through the Channel. 

The further you move into the channel, you pass stunningly beautiful white sand beaches that are straddled by inviting huts littered all over the shoreline. As you come out on the other side, it becomes apparent why this breathtaking port was given the name Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera is the port where Spanish Galleons used to take refuge from strong typhoons. As you pass through the port, let your imagination wander a bit, and you will almost see the Spanish Galleons of old swinging their anchors. 

Okay, enough dreaming. Let's get back to reality. 

Puerto Galera is a small but busy port famous for its beautiful white sand beaches scattered all over the islands and bays. The port offers world-class scuba diving opportunities and is pretty much a tourist Mecca.

Beaches Galore

If Puerto Galera's crystal-clear waters do not catch your attention, then its numerous powdery-white sand beaches will. Here is a look at some of the popular areas in the area:


If you are looking for a vibrant place to hang out, then Sabang is the place to go to find activity and nightlife. Sabang is a lively and bustling little town that offers a range of open-air bars, discos, karaoke, and restaurants, that are quite affordable, and right on the water's edge. The town can be quite hectic and noisy at times, and may not be suitable for all travelers. However, for those looking to meet other tourists and backpackers, then this is the perfect place to go. 

Sabang is home to a wide range of hotels. The beach at Sabang isn't much to speak about and can get a bit dirty considering the increasing number of tourists visiting the town over the years. Most of its beach space is taken up by Banca boats, which can make it hard to navigate the beach sometimes.