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Traveling to or from Manila? This site will help make your journey easier. 

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Travel Easily to Popular Philippines Destinations

Are you traveling to or from Manila? Using Manila as your starting point choose your destination below. Do the same if you're going to Manila from one of the below destinations. This site will give you several excellent options for getting too and from Manila. 

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Angeles City

Visit Angeles City for the best nightlife in the Philippines. Try your hand at our world-class casinos. 

Subic & Alongapo

For a laid back feeling, the ocean breeze, and even more nightlife, check out Subic and Olongapo.


For scuba, diving, sorkeling, and 18th-century Spanish Christian Relics, you can't beat Cebu.

Puerto Galera

The white beaches, bars, and resorts make Puerto Galera the perfect place for outdoor sports of all kinds.


Beautiful water, beaches, seascapes, and acuatic wildlife make Palawan an ocean lovers dream come true. 


White beach, palm trees, bars and restaurants in a tropical setting. Coral reefs and shipwrecks top it all off. 


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