Manila to Angeles City 
& Back by Taxi or Car


If you find taking the bus unnerving, you also have the option of hiring a taxi. Be sure to that the taxi driver uses his meter which can be difficult as they will tend to try and gouge you for a flat fee which can really be exorbitant. Standard metered taxis will be very expensive and should be avoided for other options. For useful tips about taking a taxi, check out this article on  Taxis in the Philippines.


Grab in Manila is convenient and safe. All you need is the grab app (requires verification and image on file) to get picked up and taken anywhere you want to go for a reasonable predetermined price. Please note that it's not always easy to get a Grab Taxi during peak traffic hours. 

Private Car

Most touristy areas of Manila have people touting private car services to Angeles City (and back). The price is about P3500 for the car including tolls at the time of this writing. Two or more people can share a car and split the price as they see fit. The drivers can often arrange for people to share a ride, but the price may be higher than if you split it up yourself. 

Although these types of cars may not be sanctioned by any government agency, they are usually safe to use if caution is excercised. Take photos of all tags and licenses, and let someone know that you have chosen to use this type of service. Perhaps ask some local guards if they are familiar with the driver and it he's trustworthy. If you get a gut feeling that something is not right, then don't use the service. There are pleanty of other ways to get to where you're going. 


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