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Margareta Station

The people at Margareta Station have been serving Angeles City for more than 20 years with great food and reliable transportation. Information about travel to and from Angeles City using Margareta Station's services can be found here:

Beeway Travel

Your Visa Extensions may be done at our office - Domestic flights and Chartered Flights may be booked at the Beeline Office. Our office hours are 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Sunday. 

Please note that in the Philippines that Sunday is not a working day for all International and domestic flight ticketing and bookings. Flight changes and confirmations may be done at our office. Also, please be advised that any booking that involves transport to Manilla to process or change tickets on short notice that additional courier expenses and charges will be required. 

Daily Rate - P450/hour (2 hours minimum). Perfect for San Fernando shopping trips etc. We can make arrangements for a 25 to 40 seat Bus Service running to and from the Airport as well as any other destination in Luzon. The Bus is completely air-conditioned and comes with free refreshments. 

The application includes pricing. Daily Rate (Touring) - P2600/day + Tolls + fuel. Inc. of the driver, with driver accommodation and food allowance in the event of overnight stays. Embassy Runs - by arrangement. Wait and Manilla return fare is P3500/car plus waiting time. 

New toll fares inc. Drinks are available at cost price by request and pre-booked. Or ask your driver to stop at a 7/11 for you. Passengers may be picked up and driven to the Airport in order to meet you or taken back to Angles after they see you off at the Airport at our wait and return fare charge (P3000). 

In cases of extremely bad weather (typhoon floods, heavy rain) the roads from and to Manilla - Angeles may be impassable. In those situations, for Airport pickups, we still can be there to meet you and provide assistance/advice in transportation to a hotel in Manilla and overnight booking for cases of Angeles to Manilla. 

We recommend that you watch the weather closely, and do your traveling well in advance of your flight. If any extreme weather has been forecasted you should consider even traveling the day before your flight. 

For other destinations, please ask us for a quote. We are able to provide a van/car for any Luzon destinations. You should always allow plenty of travel time to get to the Airport for your flight. Travel time from and to Manilla can greatly vary at times. Normal travel time is 2 to 3 hours (This includes an hour at least for heavy traffic). In extreme weather or traffic conditions, it may take longer.

Beeway Travel


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